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The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

March 30th, 2015

I have been very busy dealing with the accounting for my winery business. I have spent long hours sitting in front of my laptop and typing and crosschecking receipts all day. I have not even had time to see my family on weekends. My dad learned about what I was doing and he suggested that I get an accountant to deal with it because it would cost less money and time. I told my dad that it looked like that I am going to follow his suggestion because I have been dealing with back problems lately. I added that I currently have a middle back pain, while last week, I have dealt with a right side back pain, like this. I just sought the help of a good masseuse last week to alleviate my back pain. I also took some over the counter pain pills because I could not tolerate the pain much longer.

My dad told me that his best friend’s son is a chiropractor who could help me with my bad back. I was reluctant at first of his idea, but when he told me that he was the one responsible for curing my dad’s back problem years ago convinced me to have a consult with the chiropractor. He gave me the doctor’s card if I wanted to call him and book an appointment. I told my dad that I would call him later. I called Dr. Anderson’s clinic and I spoke to his secretary. I asked her if I could schedule a consultation tomorrow and she told me that the doctor has a slot for 10am to 11am. I told her that it is a perfect schedule for me. I thought to myself that I could still do some errands before going to the consult.

I came on time the next day for my consult. I met Dr. Anderson and he seems nice. I told him that my father referred him to me. He was surprised that I am already a woman and that I look good. He added that he recognized me, but unfortunately, I have not. He said that he used to see me playing with my friends at the vineyard, while he just sits with his father. I told him that I remember a kid who used to visit with his dad and was very timid and shy. We both laughed and he told me that it was him. He mentioned that he used to frequent our vineyard with his father when he was younger, but he had issues back then about socializing. Anyway, I told him about my back problem. He asked me politely if I could lie down on the bed to see the alignment of my spine. He pressed lightly and he told me that it has a perfect alignment, but I had lots of muscle spasms. He asked me if I wanted to have a spinal manipulation as he thinks that it could benefit me a lot. In just a few seconds, it worked wonders on my back. He advised me to always stretch every day and use a comfortable chair if I plan to work all day in front of a computer. I asked for the price of the consult and he told me that it is on him. He told me that I could visit him again next time if I wanted to and I smiled.