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March 2nd, 2015

I recently learned that my older sister Jen wanted a tattoo to cover over the ugly stretch marks because she finds it very unsightly.  Although, I think that the stretch marks on breasts is going to be complicated and delicate.  I asked her to first consult my dermatologist to cover all the bases and ask if there are other available treatments for the removal of her stretched marks.  I gave her my doctor’s number and offered to go with her.  We called the doctor to check if there is an available appointment this afternoon and we were fortunate enough that someone cancelled hers before we called.  We went to the clinic and consulted my sister’s condition.  The doctor told her that she can try a process called laser stretch mark removal wherein she’ll use a powerful laser technology to reduce the look of even the darkest stretch marks without her harming surrounding skin.  I told my sister it’s a better choice than having a tattoo done over it.  She decided to get the treatment next month as she still has to tend to her babies.

Jen just gave birth to two beautiful babies.  It’s the first time that our family had twins so we we’re all so excited for her. She and her husband Nick knew that they we’re twins but they opted not to know their genders.  They wanted it to be a surprise.  God is really good that He gave them a boy and a girl. She named them Lily and Liam.  Lily is a little bit older than her brother for about approximately 2 minutes.  Nick was having problems in planning on what to do with their nursery room since she has a boy and girl twins.  Nick and Jen just decided to paint the room with a light colour. They chose to paint the wall aqua blue and the ceiling to the shade of marsh green.  They specifically wanted the room to reflect brightness, happiness and calmness hoping their babies will absorb the effect it brings.  They also planned to have an artist draw a simple kind of kid friendly mural.  They thought of the theme sea animals as both Nick and Jen enjoys water related activities like diving, surfing and swimming.
I remember, Nick and Jen once invited me for a diving trip but unfortunately, I wasn’t available because I was too busy dealing with my vineyard. We were having problems with wine production that day because some of my workers were sick so I couldn’t afford to be absent.  I was needed to assist them to have better manpower.  We needed a thousand bottles of wine at the end of the week and we were still short for about two hundred bottles.  I decided to stay even after our normal working hours.  I am so lucky to have such good workers that I also treat as friends because they also stayed and helped me finish the needed tasks.  I gave them bonuses because I want them to know that their good service wasn’t taken for granted.  I really love my workers as they always give more than they’re required to do.