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Sports Gone Bad

June 29th, 2015

My brother Chris loves to incorporate health and fitness in his daily routine. He runs, plays basketball and swims every week whenever his time permits it. Lately, he has been also addicted to watching UFC on TV and even on the live ones. I was surprised to know that he is also currently training with MMA fighters and he told her wife that he would have loved to compete professionally if given a chance.

I talked to her wife, Caroline and she told me that she does not want her husband to participate in such a sport because she does not want him to get hurt. She added that she read a few articles about injuries about the sport and they were so gory and gruesome and she does not want those things to happen to her husband, as she loves him very much. She also told me that it is even a deadlier sport than boxing. I told her that she should talk to her husband about her concerns about it.

An hour ago, I received a call from our mom that my brother, Chris was brought to a hospital because he suffered shoulder subxulation during on one of his every day MMA sparring. She told me that his friend called her about what happened to my brother. He said that my brother’s opponent was trying to submit him with a shoulder lock, but my brother did not want to submit because he wanted to try a move to counter his opponent’s attack. He was not able to execute his plans and it resulted him to his injury. My mom asked me if I could pick her up and visit my brother in the hospital. I told her that I could, but she has to wait for an hour because I still have something to do in the vineyard. She agreed and told me that she would be just waiting at her home.

I rushed to finish all the things that I would have done in an hour in just less than thirty minutes and I was so tired, but I didn’t have a choice because I also wanted to see how my brother is doing. My mom and I went to the hospital and saw my brother lying on his bed, smiling, while her wife was sitting quietly beside him. Our mom reprimanded him for joining such a sport. She reminded him that he still has a family and they could not afford to have an injured man of the house that could not support them. Chris became serious and he apologized to us for joining such a sport and promised not to do it again.

We heard a knock on the door and I opened it. It was Chris’ doctor. He was looking for his patient and I invited him to go in. My mom introduced herself to the doctor and she asked him about her son’s condition. He told him that he would be having shoulder blade pains for weeks, and he would be prescribing painkillers for the pain. He also told us that it is advisable for Chris to rest his shoulders for a few weeks while wearing a sling to keep his shoulder stable.