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Red Cap

January 12th, 2015

Anna is a good childhood friend of mine. Her parents used to work for my mom and dad’s winery. We grew up together playing around the vineyard of my parents. We also go to the same school that is just near our home. I was two grades above her because I am older.

Recently, I have promoted her to be my winery’s supervisor. She has really been a good help to me as she is very dedicated to her job. She is a very wonderful person and a joy to work with. Her scope of work includes supervising the overall production of wines per day and conducting daily performance and attendance checks of our workers. I used to couldn’t afford not to show up every day at my winery because I was afraid that it wouldn’t run well without me, but now that I’ve promoted her, she makes my job a lot easier. Lately, I just made myself locked inside my office finishing my paperwork duties, while Anna is on the field. She reports and updates me about our production two to three times a day depending on the situation.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Anna has been bearing a red cap all day. I thought that it was just because of the heat outside, but it appears that she also wears it indoors. I just ignored it, but I observed that she has done it for consecutive days. Since we are good friends to begin with, I asked her about it. She asked me first if I could keep her reason a secret because she is ashamed of having it. I agreed and she told me that she currently has scalp folliculitis, like these, which has been bothering her for the past month that is why she keeps wearing a cap even indoors. I asked her if she already consulted a doctor regarding about her condition and she told me that she still have not because she does not have time because of work. I told her that I would give her a sick leave with pay tomorrow, so she could finally go to a doctor for a consult. She thanked me and she added that she would ask her boyfriend to accompany her tomorrow. I told her to keep me updated because I am concerned about her.

Anna and her boyfriend Steven went to the hospital the next day. The doctor examined her scalp and he told her that antibiotics could easily treat it. He instructed her to buy a week’s worth of antibiotics and it would heal gradually for days. Her doctor also prescribed her with dry scalp remedies that she could try like mixing a concoction of oils like tea tree oil, olive oil or coconut oil with honey and lemon juice. She just needs to apply it on her scalp and let it stay for thirty minutes and then rinse it with warm water. She needs to do it every other day until her symptoms fade gradually.