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Pregnancy Scare

April 12th, 2014

I am afraid to have kids of my own. Do not get me wrong. I love kids, but the thing is that I fear the process of being pregnant and all the things that I have to go through. I have seen many of my friends and families who had a hard time dealing with their pregnancy, as I saw them to have mood swings often and they even had the silliest cravings that they could think of.

Last year, I saw my sister Jen’s experience as she had lots problems handling her pregnancy with her twins, as she was not mobile enough because of her sudden weight gain. To add more problems were the symptoms that came with pregnancy like nausea, vomiting and frequent urination. Imagine, my sister carrying twins inside her uterus and she has the constant need to go and pee every minute. She even resorted to try to stop the urge to pee, but it caused her to have a urinary tract infection or UTI. Her doctor advised her to try to endure it because it is for her kids, as she does not want them born with an infection. Her husband Nick, didn’t get it about why she was always moody that time, so I told him about what my sister was going through for their family and he finally understood.

metal taste in mouth

My sister even experienced metal taste in mouth and the doctor told her that it was because of her overactive and raging hormones. It was really weird that my sister also experienced a sweet taste in mouth after the metallic taste. Her husband Nick was so concerned about it and he asked for second and third opinions. All of the doctors told him the same thing that it was an unusual symptom, but it would fade away gradually as her pregnancy progresses. The doctors explained that my sister has dysgeusia. It is a condition wherein someone loses her ability to taste properly. Besides pregnancy, the doctor told them that its other causes are smoking, gingivitis, cancer and even depression. The doctor told her that pregnancy symptoms like this would not last long. My sister also told her doctor that she recently experienced loss of appetite and the doctor told her that it is connected with her dysgeusia. She advised her to always brush her teeth and scrape her tongue to counter her weird tastes from time to time. Thankfully, it is already my sister’s second trimester and all of the signs and symptoms wore off except for the frequent urination. My sister told her doctor about the good news and the doctor said that she should enjoy it while it lasts because she should watch out for her last trimester.

I really admire women who endure and embrace the whole process of pregnancy, especially my mom and my sister Jen. I really love the idea of having kids on my own, but not now. Maybe, I still have fear towards it because I am still not ready to be a mom.