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Nothing to Worry About

February 14th, 2015

Vineyard is on my top list of the places that I consider home. I also treat it as my sanctuary as it oozes calm into my veins. If something happened to my vineyard I’d be devastated as I lived my whole life around it. Since I was a young child, I am used to the smell of the grass, the grape blooms and the friendly chatter of our workers. I love coming here to play with the workers’ children as my mom and dad let them in because both of their parents worked for us thus they didn’t have someone to take care of them in their homes. Until now, I still see my friends and treat them as family. Occasionally, we still hang out like the old times. A few of them works for me and they’re really efficient and good workers.

One of them is Anna who I made a supervisor because she’s got great time management skills and excellent people skills. She’s in charge of the overall production and quality control of the grapes that are going to be made as wine. She’s really a hard worker since I never had a memory that she missed work. She regularly goes to work at 7am until 5pm. She’s really required to go in at 8am but she said it’s better to go earlier to get more jobs done. I really love her work ethic so I gave her a raise a few months ago and she was so thankful about it.

Like any other kind of day, I always talk to Anna on mornings to delegate tasks and be updated with our job orders. We were talking and I noticed that she was coughing non-stop. I asked her if she was okay. She said yes but I didn’t believe her because she looked so weak. I touched her forehead and she has a slight fever. I immediately called our family doctor to ask him to come and see her. The doctor came and checked Anna using a stethoscope. She made her take deep breathes as he listened. He also asked her if she smokes and if she has trouble sleeping as of late. The doctor told us that she has a slight fever, shortness of breath and some mucus build up. Anna was afraid if she has pneumonia but the doctor told her that it more going to bronchitis vs. pneumonia since the latter usually has high fevers. He still needs to get her a chest x-ray and blood test to confirm. I told Anna that she has nothing to worry about because I will shoulder her bills including her medicines. She was so relieved to hear that as I know she was having financial troubles lately. The doctor told us that bronchitis remedies aren’t that pricey such as those mention at He reminded her to lessen smoking as it aggravates more mucus build up and always drink water whenever she coughs to soften mucus to easily expel it out. I told Anna to take a few days rest as I can manage the vineyard on my own for a while.