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Irritatingly Painful Bunion

March 4th, 2014

I would have gone and performed my rounds much earlier if it weren’t for this bunion that is giving me a hard time lately. I was supposed to have inspected the vineyard as the grapes were very close to maturing, which may also mean that harvest time is just around the corner, a most hectic time for us here at the farm. It is imperative that I go there myself as it is me who is in charge of identifying the correct ripeness of the grapes needed for our class of wines.

Wine making is no easy thing as you have to consider very many variables and processes with the grapes, which are all needed to be perfectly grown and precisely timed, to even produce one bottle of good wine. The grapes being ripe do not necessarily mean that they are already right for the wine making process as different classes of wine require different stages of the grapes ripeness. Besides, it is my very own vineyard so I like to be very hands on with all the things happening there.

I would have gone there barefooted if not for my father imploring me to rest a bit, as he said that I might aggravate my bunion further if I go there on my present condition. So after struggling a bit with my thoughts, I relented and stayed at home. I propped my feet up on the coffee table, put some ice over the offending area, popped some analgesics for the pain, and I drifted off to meet Peter Pan in Never-never Land. Of course with my thoughts still on the eagerly ripening grapes on the field.

I seemed to have overslept and woke up with a start. I forgot to set my alarm and my father never thought of waking me up as, according to him, I was sleeping like a baby the last time he saw me. I got up to put on my work clothes and off to the field I went, never really putting any attention to the bunion which grounded me in the first place.

Thankfully the grapes were still a week away from the desired ripeness and I was not late for anything yet. After talking with some people, I went home thoroughly relieved that I did not fail in my duties and it was during my drive back that my left foot began to ache again as the bunion was being pressed upon by my ill-fitting shoes.

Bunions seem to run in my family and are hereditary creatures, as both my father and grandfather have them. Mine is of the Tailors bunion variety and it grows on the side of my foot where my pinky finger is and not on the side of the big toe, where bunions normally grow on. It’s like the bones of the pinky finger is trying mightily hard to stick to the bone next to it, causing the anchor bones on the toe base to protrude and form a bump on the side of the foot.

I’ve been meaning to buy the best shoes for bunions but haven’t really had the time for it though, get some recommendations here. Maybe this is its own way of telling me to better act on it soon, or else suffer from excruciating pain in the near future. Anyways I got some time on my hands, one week exactly, and I will buy my bunion shoes as soon as possible.