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Decisions, decisions…

March 22nd, 2014

I haven’t seen Monica for a long time. Our friendship can be traced back to our early years as our moms are best friends so whenever they hangout, they also brought us and it made Monica and I very close friends. She’s been pretty busy with managing her landscaping business. It’s a good thing that she’s free today so I invited her over to the vineyard. She also brought her only daughter named Cristy. She’s already 7 years of age. She has blonde curly hair, freckled cheeks and a smile that lights up a room. She’s on the stage where she often asks questions and very talkative.

In the vineyard, we have a dog named Dom. He’s a very large dog as he’s of a pure Doberman pinscher breed. He is colored black with some rusts, muscular, has cropped ears and tail, and his stature reflects courage and intelligence. He may seem look threatening but if he sees that they’re my friends, he won’t hurt them. Cristy took an interest on him since she’s fond of dogs. She has a pet poodle in their home. She asked me can dogs eats bananas. I didn’t know the answer so I told her to try feeding Dom bananas. I asked some of our workers if we bananas but to no avail. I told Christy we’ll try it next time or maybe she can try feeding her pet at home. She smiled and told me that it was a good idea. She also showed me a picture of her pet named Cookie. She’s well groomed, has a pink ribbon around her neck and a shiny white coat of hair. She added that they only feed her hypoallergenic dog food as he is sensitive with other brands of dog foods, you can learn more about that type of dog food here. Monica agreed and told me that it’s really pricey but if that pet is making her daughter happy, then it’s okay.

Monica also told me about the problem she was facing with her landscaping business as she was having a hard time monitoring the money in and outs and now she is almost in bankruptcy. She suspects that her supervisor, her right hand man, must have been scamming money from her in a long time because recent reports on paper and the actual money in receipts have lots of discrepancies when she checked. It’s sad that it happened because she really worked hard for it. She used to work for an advertising company where she saved up for a couple of years and then decided to resign to pursue a different path, a landscaping business, where she has a passion in.

Monica’s mom taught her to plant ornamental plants and herbs in their backyard when she was young. Since then, every summer, they both worked on their backyard to enhance its appearance then they even tried working on their front lawn. Their neighbours were impressed that they were just the two who worked on them. Too bad her mom lost the battle with cancer last year. I asked her about what were her plans but she still doesn’t have a clue on what to do. I know she can help Monica with the problem she’s dealing with now.