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Buying Myself an Aquarium

April 30th, 2014

I’ve always been fascinated by aquariums large and small, and ever since I was a kid I have always wanted one. My parents, ever loving and doting as they are, always made sure that I get what I needed and also what I liked, so I did get my longed for aquarium just by asking them for it. But as with other things that are easily acquired, there was a catch.

Always wanting to teach me the valuable lessons of life, my father along with my mother, made me work around the house to earn the money that is needed to buy the aquarium. And ever the dutiful daughter that I was, I followed their wishes and worked hard so that I might buy my very first aquarium.

I did the dishes and vacuumed the floors, I helped mom cook and was an assistant to dad whenever he did repairs around the house. I learned to clean my room and put my toys and other stuffs in their corresponding places. I woke up and slept early, and I stopped badgering my brothers, to which they were eternally grateful of. I did a lot of things for which I was now very thankful of, as it kind of developed in me that persistence and diligence that would serve me well when I grew up.

The time eventually came when I saved up enough money for the aquarium and dad accompanied me to the local pet store to buy one. There I saw many different kinds of aquariums containing may kinds of colorful fishes darting every which way inside the clear waters of the aquarium. I saw a little ceramic house that spouts bubbles of air in its chimneys and also the beautiful mermaid, with her long red hair, sitting still on a big rock, I kind of thought that maybe she was waiting for me to buy her and stuff.

I only had enough money for the tank and its corresponding air tubes and stuff, also for several fishes, five to be exact, and the mermaid and the little ceramic house. I would have wanted to buy the giant sea clam which opens up every so often to release air bubbles but my money ran out on me.

We were supposed to be leaving the store when a little fish caught my attention. I didn’t get to see it before when I was choosing fishes because it was hiding and swimming around the bottom of the aquarium. What got me really interested in them were their long mustaches on either ends of their mouth. I thought it was very funny looking at them and I imagined several of them swimming side by side busily pestering other fishes, which was kind of like me with my brothers.

The shop owner told us they were Cory catfish and said that they were the cleaners of the aquarium because they eat up all the excess foods that are generally not eaten by the other fishes. My eyes light up when I heard about cleaners and eaters because that was what I have been doing for the last few weeks and that they were kind of like me in a way. I really liked them and I knew my dad noticed it, but I really don’t have any money left for them.

My dad told me he would buy them for me if I continued being good to my brothers and never bully them anymore, his sort of catfish bait to lure in his catfish, which was me in this situation. What?! I protested. But I really liked to have them in my aquarium. Well to make a long story short, I eventually got them and still had my way with my brothers.