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January 3rd, 2014

www.parsonsvineyardandwinery.comHowdy Ladies and Gents! Cheers and allow me to introduce myself, my name is Allison Lack. I grew up in a very large family. I have a total of 8 brothers and sisters. We also have a family winery business. It is only natural that I got into the wine business as I grew older.

Growing up in a winery is pretty interesting as I got a first-hand look at how wine was made. Our parents would spend numerous hours tending to our grape plants to make sure that we have the highest quality of wine. It was hard work and labor but my parents always put pride into every single bottle of wine that they produce. They would always say, “If it is not made well, we would not put it on the shelf.” Quality in their wine is very important to them and I think that is what makes our business so successful even to this day.

Getting to where we are is not very easy but with every single family members hard work, we made this winery very successful. To this day, we have multiple wineries all over the country. I am a woman that loves wine and just recently I started my own vineyard. I want to create my own brand and flavor. It is a dream of mine to be as successful as my family business. This is my website that documents my journey into the wine world and to make a name for myself. So, let’s all raise our glass and come join me to learn more about the wonderful world of wines.